Server Rules

Below are the Mines of Code server rules.

1. No stealing or griefing. Respect everyone and their property.

  • Do not touch anything that is not yours without permission.
  • Do not break (grief) other people’s creations. If you are caught griefing, you will be banned.
  • Do not steal from other players, even if it is not protected. If you are caught doing so you will be banned.
  • Any player who speaks of any type of harm to anyone, including themselves, outside of the in-game context, on any server properties, meant as a joke or not, will be permanently banned.

2. No hacks, mods, or exploits allowed.

  • Do not use any mods or game bugs that give an advantage over other players, including, but not limited to see-through texture packs, modifications that allow you to move differently than is intended by the default game settings, and any game glitch or exploit that gives you an unfair advantage of any kind over other players.
  • If you are caught cheating you will face punishment. If you are unsure whether a certain modification or activity is allowed, please ask a staff member.
  • Anti-AFK devices such as AFK pools are considered cheating as you are giving yourself an advantage in play time.

3. Do not spam.

  • Sending repeated messages, and excessive use of capitals is not allowed.
  • Spamming includes advertising. Advertising is different from general discussion. For example "come join this cool server" is advertising, while "Do you play on (some server)?" is not.

4. Do not build near others without their consent.

  • There's plenty of space to build. If you would like to build near someone, get their permission before doing so.
  • If you find that you are ending up in someone else's portal when going into and out of the nether, please connect your portals.

5. Do not share your personal information.

  • You never know who the person you are talking to really is. It's just not safe.

6. Do not beg/nag other players and staff.

  • No means no.

7. Additional server principles

  • Excessive and unneeded drama or the disturbance of other players will result in punishment.
  • Any player who fails to login to the server for 90 days or more may have their items given away by the staff at any time due to inactivity.