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Welcome to the Mines of Code Minecraft server, a mature and friendly whitelisted Minecraft server focussed on the survival gametype. This page is a general guide to the Mines of Code Minecraft server and website.


There are many rules put in place on the Mines of Code Minecraft server to keep everyone happy, and to keep everything civilized. You can view the full set of rules with all of the amendments on the rules page. Below are the eight main server rules.

  1. No stealing or griefing. Respect everyone and their property.
  2. No hacks, mods, or exploits allowed.
  3. Do not spam.
  4. Do not build near others without their consent.
  5. Do not share your personal information.
  6. Do not beg for anything.

In order to be eligible to play on the Mines of Code Minecraft server, you are required to obey all of these rules while you are on the Mines of Code Minecraft server.

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Rule Enforcement

There are many systems put in place to enforce the Mines of Code Minecraft server rules, protect its players. Rule enforcement cannot be done by the server staff alone. There are many ways you, as a player, can help if you see or witness a player, or players breaking server rules.

The following is a list of what you can do if you witness an incident.

  1. Take note of the name of the player(s).
  2. Take screenshots of the incident and send them to the staff either by email or on the Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages.
  3. Submit a request detailing the incident. Submit multiple requests if necessary, and at the location of the incident if applicable as the staff can teleport to the location where requests were submitted.
  4. Stay calm. You don't want to get yourself involved in the situation anymore than you need to.
  5. Keep the facts straight, because there is an amendment against false accusations (GJ-2 Clause), but feel free to submit any information you think is useful.

Just for reference, the following is a list of what the staff can do to look into an incident.

  1. Look at chat logs from any time.
  2. Inspect a "crime scene" and see who is at fault for any damages.
  3. Roll back any block or mob damage caused during the incident.
  4. Punish players appropriately and investigate a situation with an open mind.

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In order to keep the Mines of Code Minecraft server a friendly, and enjoyable place, a punishment system is in effect for players who choose to break the server rules.

There a few different types of punishment that are used on the server. These include:

  • Kicking players from the server
  • Muting players on the server
  • Temporarily banning players from the server
  • Permanently banning players from the server
  • Resetting players' server accounts

To avoid punishment, be sure to always follow all of the server rules and regulations. Tolerance levels are in general very low for misbehaving players as it degrades the server experience for other members.

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Commands and Features

Below is a list of important commands on the Mines of Code Minecraft server. Please note that parentheses () indicate an optional parameter, while brackets [], or greater-than and less-than symbols <> indicate a mandatory parameter.


The server has a main spawn point for new players, and as a reference and event area. To visit the spawn, type /spawn in the in-game chat.


Protecting Containers (Lockette)

On the Mines of Code Minecraft server, players are able to protect their containers (chests, furnaces, enchantment tables, anvils, etc.) and doors using signs, so that only he/she, or he/she and those who he/she trusts. Some items, such as chests, furnaces, enchantment tables, and anvils, can be protected by right-clicking the container with a sign in hand.

Private container

Other items, such as doors and trap doors can be protected by placing a sign directly in front or behind an item, and typing "[Private]," (including the brackets), on the sign.

Private block

Multiple users can be allowed access to a container or door. Simply place a sign in front of or behind a container or door and type "[Private]" on the first line. Then, type each user's name on a separate line. You can also place a sign on a different side of the container or door with the text "[More Users]" on the first line, and more usernames on the proceeding lines.

Multiple user container protection


The ability to set and teleport to home locations is available on the Mines of Code Minecraft server. Normal members are able to set up to three homes. To set your home type /sethome (name of home). If you supply a home name, it will add a new home. If not, it will replace your existing /sethome location.

Set home

To view a list of your homes, type /home list. To teleport to any of the homes you have set, type /home (name of home).


Warp points are locations that anyone can teleport to. Anyone above the rank of "Expert" (inclusive) can set warps. To view all of the warp points available on the server, type /warp. If you have the required permissions to set warps, type /setwarp [name of warp] to set a server warp point.

Set warp

To view a list of warp points, type /warp. To teleport to a warp point, type /warp [name of warp].

Chat and Messaging

Like many other Minecraft servers, the Mines of Code Minecraft server has a chat. There are many extended features included in the chat as well. Important notifications and messagesare posted in the chat every so often and when you login. Please be sure to take a look at them every once and awhile.


The chat has a few messaging features.

You can send a private message to players by typing /msg [name of player] [message to send]. You can also toggle a chat thread by typing /msg [name of player]. This will allow you to message the player without using a command. Type /msg again to resume talking in the global chat.

If you recieve a message, you can reply to it by typing /r [message to send].

You can also send server mail. There are several mail commands. All of them are listed below.

  • /mail - View your mail messages.
  • /mail clear - Clear your mailbox.
  • /mail delete [message ID] - Delete a mail message.
  • /mail read [message ID] - Read a mail message.
  • /mail send [player] [message] - Send a mail message to a player.


If you have to step away from your keyboard, and want other players to know, so they don't wonder when you don't answer their messages, type /afk to go into "away from keyboard" mode. You can deactivate this by moving around, or by typing /afk in the chat once more. Players are automatically put into "away from keyboard" mode after five minutes of inactivity. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the player is kicked.


An additional feature of the AFK system is time setting. If everyone on the server enters AFK mode (/afk), and one person sleeps in a bed, the time will be set to day.

Tickets and Requests

A support ticket system is in place to report bugs, glitches, incidents (between players, or the server and players), and suggestions. To submit a ticket, type /ticket [details of the ticket].

Support ticket

When a staff member answers your ticket, you will be notified. If you are online when it is answered, it will notify you right away, and if not, the next time you login.


If another player is annoying or harassing you, type /ignore [player name] to ignore the player. Then, report the incident using a /ticket and the staff will deal with it as soon as possible.


Players are able to request to teleport to other players using /tpa [player name], and request other players to teleport to them using /tpahere [player name]. These requests can be accepted using /tpaccept or /tpyes, and denied using /tpdeny or /tpno.

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There are a multitude of different ranks on the Mines of Code Minecraft server. Below is a list of the ranks and their general function or meaning. All ranks inherit the permissions of the ranks below them.

  • Member: the default server rank.
  • Expert: an elevated member rank. Awarded by Administators to those who show consistent care, kindess, maturity on the server, and also assist other players on occasion. Players with this rank receive an [Expert] name tag in the chat, are able to use /workbench (a virtual workbench), set warp points, and are able to set up to eight homes. They can also toggle many town permissions.
  • Supporter: the first donor rank.
  • VIP: the second donor rank.
  • YouTuber: A rank awarded to YouTube content creators who refer over 7-10 people to the server, have posted three or more Minecraft videos of themselves on the Mines of Code Minecraft server, and who are in good standing on the server.
  • Helper: answer player's questions and tickets. They also have basic punishment abilities.
  • Moderator: make sure that players are abiding by the rules, and help or punish players when necessary.
  • Admin: the highest staff rank. Administrators keep the server running smoothly.
  • Owner: the owner of the server, Delta249er.

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Staff are members of the Mines of Code community who keep the server running smoothly. Their job is to keep the server a safe, fun, and working Minecraft server.

Volunteer staff positions are available. The Mines of Code on a staff hierarchy system. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, you can apply for a position using the Staff Application form. If you are accepted, you will be put at the lowest staff position, and you are able to work your way up as the Administrators see fit.

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